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WinPatrol 28.1.2013.0

WinPatrol 28.1.2013.0 Specifications

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Developer BillP Studios
Licence Freeware
File size 885.2KB
Updated July 6th, 2014
Platform Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows 7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64

WinPatrol 28.1.2013.0 Description

Excellent network security software, Winpatrol is smart and powerful,  scan out worm, spyware, trojans, advertising and other malicious programs. Winpatrol can build snapshots for key system resource, and remind you when any change. Winpatrol lets you better know what programs was been installed on your PC, also monitoring you PC and record change about system boot menu. At the same time ,you can get rid of the specific cookies by Winpatrol. Similar to the task manager of  windows system, it list all running programs and you can abort any program which is unwanted.
Winpatrol provide regular scanning for changes about system setting, In addition to this,  It can quickly see the startup procedure, IE plug-in, system services, process management, Cookies, hidden file, and so on, and manage those. If found out the virus, the program will  isolate in time, without real-time updates.

Main Features:

Manage programs which run by the system start.WinPatrol Free Download

BHO(Browser Helper Objects) , remove program or links that you don’t want to.

List all system services (location and status), and set those start mode( automatic, manual, disabled).

Monitoring  all running programs and you can abort any program which is unwanted.

Filter cookies, and select  reserve or delete.

List all files and related programs in system, and hidden file (name and location), if you don’t want to, you can delete it .

Check the IE add-on, prevent the virus load in IE.

By adding a “blacklist”, prevent virus and Trojan horse.

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