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Spotflux 2.9.10

Spotflux 2.9.10 Specifications

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Developer Spotflux, Inc.
Licence Freeware
File size 5.33MB
Updated July 5th, 2013
Platform Mac OS X, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows XP

Spotflux 2.9.10 Description

Give you secure, private, and free online experience, Spotflux is an professional clear malware protection tool. It is an extremely simple security tool which provides a host of features and functionality with the absolute minimum of hassle, help you protect from malicious web ads and some dangerous executable program, and so on, to ensure the safety of your Internet connection. The program encrypts and secures your internet connection, for instance, preventing others from intercepting your personal details. Spotflux is also permanently scanning your connection for inbound malware. It detects and blocks ads, eliminates tracking ads, and even conceals your true IP address to maintain your online privacy. By encrypting all VPN connection to protect user internet communications, though the VPN service is up to severalbillion, buy Spotflux is the most simple. In addition to privacy protection, Spotflux also protect user from  backdoor, malware, viruses, and other unknown attacks on the network.Spotflux Free Download

Spotflux Main Features:

  • Encrypte all VPN connection to protect user Internet communications.
  • Easy to use and the simplest user interface.
  • Free VPN client, base on OpenVPN technologies and Java development.
  • Real-time inspection of advertising and malicious software to stop threats.
  • Provide more intimate, more security, and more open Internet connection.
  • Browser security plug-in tool in Windows and OS X.
  • Onekey to realize the VPN encryption communication, protect personal privacy.
  • Protect user from  backdoor, malware, viruses, and other unknown attacks on the network.

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