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Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.20125.0 For Windows (32 bit)

Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.20125.0 For Windows (32 bit) Specifications

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Developer Microsoft Corporation
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Updated June 17th, 2013

Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.20125.0 For Windows (32 bit) Description

Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser and cross-platform plug-in, bring media experience based on .NET framework and rich interactive applications to network. Silverlight provide flexible programming model, and easily integrate into the current web application. To the mainstream browsers running on MAC or Windows, it provide fast and low-cost transmission of high quality video information.
Microsoft Silverlight is a kind of new Web rendering technology, run on various platforms. In browser and desktop operating system(like Windows and Apple Macintosh), With this technology, you will have rich content and great visual effects interactive experience. Rendering techniques XAML (extensible application markup language) in Framework3.0 (Windows programming infrastructure) follow the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), it is the foundation of exposing functionality.
For Internet users, Silverlight is a easy-to-stall browser plug-in. Just install this plug-in, running the appropriate version of Silverlight application in multiple browsers on the Windows and Macintosh, to enjoy video sharing, online games, advertising, cartoon advertising, interactive and rich web services, and so on.
Microsoft Silverlight Free Download

Silverlight Main Features:

  • Cross-platform and cross-browser
    Support a variety of operating systems of Microsoft and apple.
    Supported the browsers of IE, Firefox(Mac OS and Windows), Safari and Opera.
  • Video effects
    Playback smoothly, even if the transfer or play with a lot of content.
    HD video, through the Windows Media technologies won emmy, transmission flow will be reduced 46%, and  compatible with the existing flow configuration scheme of Windows Media.
  • Professional tools support
    Professional design tools and innovative technology give more flexible and free writing space to designer.
    Innovative compatibility,Silverlight integrates a variety of Web technologies and equipment, used on any server and publishing platform; Also compatible with a large number of other standards and existing technologies, includes ASP.NET, AJAX and .NET 3.0.
    Integrates powerful technology of images and layer,support seamless integration for any size images, add button, title, or other interactive content on the image. Moreover, Silverlight provides the high quality video and audio to hd equipment and mobile devices by standard WMV, support 15x fast video coding and hardware acceleration.
  • High quality interactive platform
    Small size (about 2 MB) easy to install.
    Support online leisure game.
    The Sidebar widgets (Sidebar Gadget),Provide richer forms,to improve user loyalty and traffic, and expand the profit patterns.
  • Low-input but high-return
    Silverlight page’s description use XML format, not compiled into the binary file, naturally support SEO.


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