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iTunes Specifications

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Developer Apple Inc
Licence Freeware
File size 84.98 MB
Updated November 29th, 2013
Platform Windows XP / Windows XP Pro x64 Edition / Vista / Windows 7 / XP64 / Vista x64 Edition / Windows 7 64

iTunes Description

iTunes is a  digital media player application,free use for Mac and PC,can manage and play your digital audio and can automatically  download software you bought to your device and computer,it also is a virtual store,meet your needs can easily import you CD to computer and save with playlist.just click the button,you can play all your media files,also let you browse the album cover,as simple as browsing through can enjoy large number of  video and audio podcast which iTunes provide.


iTunes Free Download

  • Automatic update playlists,play at random or  in order.
  • Quantities of music.
  • Internet radio.
  • Read,write and convert to many formats(MP3,AIFF,WAV,MPEG-4,ACC,Apple Lossless).
  • Have equalizing and sound enhancer.
  • Music share.
  • Support Video from your equipment or internet.
  • Support visual and device plug-ins.
  • Support audio and vidio podcast.
  • Synchronize all your collected data with all portables devices from Apple (such as iPhones, iPods and iPads).
  • iTunes  Store.
  • Integration with many iLife software in Mac OSX.

You can also download iTunes 64-bit for Windows 64-bit.

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