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Freegate 7.42 Specifications

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Developer Dynamic Internet Technology, Inc.
Licence Freeware
File size 2.8MB
Updated November 6th, 2013
Platform Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64

Freegate 7.42 Description

There are many online friends want to know about what is freegate? How to use? Where can I download freegate software? Next I will introduce the software.

Freegate get rid of browsing restrictions, is an internationally renowned automatic browser proxy tools, Freegate Professional lends a hand to those who cannot access certain webpages due to restrictions, providing a fast and simple way to bypass all those rules. Since 2002, the software is more and more powerful, it can automatically complete the agent of IE browser and other browsers such as firefox, Google browser, and so on.  After  freegate agent, you can easily access to facebook, twitter, youtube and other overseas famous sites.Freegate Free Download

Freegate’s main featrues : permanently free, green, without installation; Easy to use, powerful, fast and stable; High safety coefficient because of highly encrypted way, we can use it safely.

Freegate includes PC and mobile phone edition, we can use it in computer, cell phones, tablets and other devices, it is completely and permanently free, there are a large number of loyal users all over the world.

Freegate Professional Edition 7.42 is available for download, get it and have a better experience and more security surfing the internet!


  1. The freegate 7.40 was downloaded unsuccessfully

    1. Please try again and now it is freegate 7.42.

    2. thank you for this amazing app.

    3. thanks! have a try

  2. supub,,,

  3. thankyou

  4. oh..really lot of thanks for dat…

  5. I love u

  6. good

  7. i adore you

  8. hello there i was successfully downloaded the 7.42 freegate but the problem is the file cant open. . can you help me.

    1. What OS are you using and what error you get? The software works good for me.

  9. Tanks

  10. eexcellent site that Ilove too much

  11. It`s very powerful

  12. Thanks! It a great app! Im using it on my laptop but how can i use it on android tablet/phone? When im trying to open the file, it says “parse error” Please help me.

  13. When I click download it fails . how can I down load free gate for tablet android

    1. It doesn’t work on tablet android devices, you should install it on your windows computer.

  14. You have saved thousands of Chinese.

  15. When I click download it fails . how can I down load free gate for tablet android

    1. Freegate is PC installer, can not be installed on android or IOS devices. You’d better find Freegate Alternatives for Android. Thanks for your review.

  16. please mail it for me thanx

    1. You can download it yourself from this page.

  17. Great little piece of software that allows me to use the internet as if I was back in the US while working in China. Successfully used with many google apps, netflix, hbogo nytimes, facebook and many more.

  18. download by me , it is OK?

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